Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stay Steezy.

Stay Steezy at Andover Skatepark!

Disregard the date, it has been changed to Oct 12th, 2:00.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cody Jensen

Catch up with the Lil Filmer gone Skater.


What size wood you like-
            8.0. Just the right fit.
Favorite Flip Trick?
           Tre. Front foot catches man.
Favorite Rail Trick?
           Front Feebs. Lock em in.
Favorite Pro-
            Figgy. He has an awesome beard.
Favorite Am-
            Davis Torgeson. Hes Local.
Best Place to Skate-
            St. Cloud. Dude, its like, AMERICA.
Dream Sponsor-
            Deathwish. Their Legit.
Nicest Skate Surface-
            Garage Concrete. Little Slippery for those reverts.
Best Street Spot-
            Fridley 5.
If you were locked in a car with serial man rapist with nothing but a toothbrush to defend yourself, how would you survive?
            Haha, I'd stab him in the eye.